8 Reasons Why You Should Give Bar Soap A Try This Year


January is all about new resolutions, so why not add one to use more naturally made bath and body products this year?

I've put together 8 reasons why switching to bar soap is a no brainer.


1. The Ultimate Multitasker

Bar soap can be used for so many things like face cleanser, body wash, shaving cream, hand soap, and even shampoo! One simple product that can take the place of many means a simplified routine that will same time and money.


2. Travel Companion

When packing a carry on bag, you are limited to travel size liquids and don't have much room to spare. Try packing a bar of soap instead. This will save you space in your liquids bag and will never result in a leaky bottle again!


3. Moisturizing Cleanser

Some cleansers and soap can leave you skin feeling stripped of it's moisture. That's because commercial cleanser purposely remove the glycerin. Glycerin is a natural humectant which means it retains moisture. This results in smooth, soft skin.

Most people find that once they switch to handmade, natural soap, they will never want to go back to commercial detergents!


4. Sensitive Skins Best Friend

Bar soap is a great option for sensitive skin, and dry or irritated skin. Because of the natural glycerin, bar soaps won't further agitate the skin. Bonus points for finding soap with natural essential oils or using unscented bars.


5. Toxin Free

This can depend on the brand of soap, but those containing natural plant colorants and essential oils vs artificial colors and artificial fragrances are definitely toxin free. L&C soaps contain no artificial colors, artificial fragrances, triclosan, sulfates, or preservatives. Simple, natural, clean soap is our jam!


6. No Water

When buying liquid soap or body wash, you are paying for a lot of water. Bar soap is created using water, but the bars are cured for 4 weeks to allow most of the water to evaporate. This results in a concentrated product, unlike a diluted body wash.


7. Plastic Free

L&C bar soaps use no plastic packaging which equals a waste free product. The labels are made of recycled (when available) or recyclable paper, and the sampler bags can be reused. I think gift wrap and handmade labels are a much prettier, environmentally friendly way to deliver the product to you!


8. 100% Plant Based

Though some bar soaps are made with animal fats, milks, and honey, L&C bars only contain plant based ingredients making them vegan, and environmentally friendly!


Bonus: Handmade with Love

Small, local soapmakers create their soaps by hand with lots of care and attention. I love what I do, and you can see this in the beautiful swirls, gorgeous botanicals, and personally created labels. Soapmaking is both a science and an art!


Have you tried bar soap yet? Why do you use it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Talk soon,


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