Easy Tips for Kiss Worthy Lips

5 Easy tips to kiss worthy lips


Need to whip those lips into shape before your New Years Eve kiss, first date, or ladies night out?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve had really chapped lips over the past month, most likely due to the fluctuating temperatures here in Calgary. I just tried the lip scrub in step 5, and found that made a nice difference, and the scrub is quite tasty! You can follow these tips too for soft, supple lips in a couple of days.


Drink lots of water

1. Drink lots of water 

Have you ever noticed how parched your skin can feel when you are dehydrated? Hydrate from the inside out. This will help keep all of your skin happy!


Stop licking your lips

2. Stop licking them

It may seem like licking your lips will hydrate them, but it actually has the opposite effect. I've definitely been guilty of this one. I know it's hard, but try applying some balm or the scrub in Step 5 to help remove the flakiness that's triggering you to lick them.


Apply lip balm

3. Apply lip balm

Apply as often as needed. If you have really dry skin, try a heavy butter like shea or cocoa. Applying right before bed will allow the balm to really sink in as you won't be eating or drinking.


Be a lipstick snob

5. Be a lipstick snob

If you wear lipstick, made sure you are choosing something that moisturizes, not chaps the lips. Alternatively, use a stain with a balm over top.


Scrub your lips

5.Scrub ‘em

Occasionally use a homemade scrub to slough off dry, flaky skin. A simple scrub made with equal parts sugar and an edible oil (coconut, olive, etc) should do the trick. Try a teaspoon of each to start.  Mix together and gently rub over the lips. Rinse off with warm water, and gently pat dry to leave a little of the oil on the skin. And no worries if you end up eating some, that's the benefit of using natural ingredients!

Hope these tips help with your chapped lips and that you have a fantastic holiday season and NYE! If you liked this blog post and want to be notified the next time I write one, please sign up for the mailing list below!


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