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Lilac and clover soap labels

Did you know that each L&C soap bar is hand made, and hand packaged by me!

When I was designing my packaging, I wanted something simple, beautiful, and also environmentally friendly. I also wanted something durable that could protect my soap.


Lilac and clover soap packaging


I knew plastics were out, so I went with a paper based label. This way, the entire wrap can be recycled in your blue bin!

The custom designed wrap has my namesake lilacs and clovers on it. I finish this off with a sticker label that tells you the weight, scent, and all the ingredients I used.


For my sampler packs, the cotton bags they come in can be repurposed into something else like a place to store your bracelets when you travel.


For even less packaging hassle, you can order an entire block (or loaf as we like to call it). I save the entire loaf for you and once it's done curing, I'll send it over to you bare, with no wrap labels!


I can even send individual bars naked, you just have to ask!

Because my packaging can be recycled or repurposed, and the soap bar itself is biodegradable, this means that L&C soap is a no waste product!

What do you think of my labeling? Do you prefer wrapped or unwrapped bars?

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