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Soap Bar Hacks: How To Make Your Bars Go Further

Make your bar soap go further

Don't you just hate when your bar of soap becomes so small you can barely handle it without dropping it in the sink?!

Me too.

Here I've listed a couple of ways to make your bar soap last longer so you won't have that experience as often!

 Draining soap dish

Get a draining soap dish

Make sure you are using a soap dish with slots or holes to allow the excess water around the bar to drain away. You may have already noticed that leaving the bars in standing water can cause them to degrade quickly, so this one is really important.

Rotate it

Sometimes the face of the bar touching the soap dish is not able to dry as quickly as the upper face. If you notice this the next time you pick it up, make sure to set the bar down on the opposite side so it can more quickly dry out.

Remove from the shower

If you use the bars in the shower, either take them out with you or make sure you have a well draining dish that isn't right under the water stream. Leaving the bar on a ledge can work as long as water doesn't collect there.

Double up

If you have a location where soap is used very frequently, consider stocking two bars in the dish. Users can alternate between bars so that each one can have a chance to dry out a little before it is used again.


Bonus: Mosaic bar

If you want to get really fancy, you can save the little scraps from each bar as you use it, and do one of two things with them:

1. Chop the soap up and place it in a loofah bag and to use in the shower

2. Melt and form the scraps into new mosaic bars

There are many ways to make the mosaic bars (just search online for something along the lines of "diy soap scrap bar"). Most will want you to grate the soap and melt in a pot with some water and then place in molds to set up.

Alternatively, I decided to run a handful of scraps under warm water to soften them, and then mashed them together to create my mosaic bar. Yes, mine is 'ugly', but it works just like a brand new bar, and took approximately 2 minutes of effort.

Hope you learned something new, and let me know if you try making a mosaic bar!



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