Top 9 Favorite Ways to Use L&C Soap

What is your favorite way to use our products? Here are our Top 9...

Uses for bar soap canada

In the Shower - we love using the Lavender Grey Tea bar for evening showers and baths to wind down after a long day. 

Face Cleanser - Our fans rave about using our Charcoal + Clay bar for washing their faces. The charcoal and bentonite clay work wonders to clear pores and tame oiliness.

On the Hands - If you like to work outside or get your hands dirty, we recommend our Coffee bar for washing up. The ground coffee will gently exfoliate to remove dirt or grease from hands!

Foot Scrub - Orange + Poppyseed contains real poppyseeds which are great for scrubbing down tough, dry skin.

Kids - any of our unscented bars would be awesome for kids. Our smaller bar size means kids will have no trouble holding the bar and creating their own bubbly lather!

Shaving Soap - both our Charcoal and Grapefruit bars contain clays which add that bit of slip that's nice when shaving. Try one next time!

Travel Essential - bar soap is super easy to travel with, doesn't need to go in a liquids bag, and will never leak all over your suitcase...

Event Favors - we love creating custom favors for your wedding, shower, or special event. Hit us up to start a conversation. 

Handmade Gifting - thoughtful, local,  handmade gifts are always a treat to give and recieve. If you don't know what scents to buy, try gifting a Large Sampler so they can choose for themselves!

Which is your favorite, or do you have one to add?

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