Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources for Soapmakers


Here is a list of resources I've found helpful in starting up my soap biz. Do you use any of these? Let me know below, or comment below with your favorites!



Swift Crafty Monkey (Canadian!)

Humblebee and Me (Canadian!)

Soap Queen

Modern Soapmaking

Lovin Soap Studio

The Nerdy Farm Wife


Facebook groups

Canadian Soap Makers

Business of Soapmaking with Modern Soapmaking



Goaldigger Podcast - Jenna Kutcher

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast - Amy Porterfield

The Mind Your Business Podcast - James Wedmore



Soap Queen TV by Brambleberry

Ariene Arsenault of La Fille de la Mer



Suppliers I Use

Soap and More

Windy Point




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  • Jess | Lilac & Clover on

    Hey Erika,
    It’s totally up to you which platform you want to use.
    I started with Instagram while I was experimenting with recipes, but once I was ready to sell I opened a Shopify store right away as I wanted the ability to manage inventory and offer online sales.
    Even if you have the domain purchased for a year, you could wait to start your Shopify account, it’s just a matter of preference!

  • Erika on

    I am just trying to open soap byz in Toronto but overwhelmed with expenses. Did you start with Instagram first and than open shopify? I feel like monthly payments will kill me without any sell. I purchased domain through godaddy, now kind of stuck :)
    Your info is perfect! Please help

  • Jess | Lilac & Clover Soap Co. on

    Hey Nancy,
    That’s a great story! Really shows the power of natural products and essential oils!

  • Nancy Wilson on

    I got interested in soapmaking when I saw Kimberly McNutt wash her toy Pom in her homemade Cedarwood and Teatree essential oil soap. The poor dog was covered in fleas but this soap killed them within minutes and the screen in the sink drain was full of dead fleas. I have been going crazy with fleas both last fall and now. I may want to start a small business but my first target is fleas and other nasties like ticks & mosquitoes.

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