CNF Updates: Into or Out-of-the-Pot??



Hey there,

Just wanted to pass on some updates to you as I've been receiving them from Health Canada. 

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  • Jess | Lilac & Clover on

    Hey Kitty,
    Yes, you’re right. I was also of the same opinion and used into-in-pot labelling for a long time, but if that’s what HC wants, then we don’t have much choice haha.
    Some things you can do are have an into-the-pot ingredients list on your website listings, and you can talk more about the raw ingredients you use (like olive oil) on your website or social media.
    Thanks for your comment and hope that helps,

  • Kitty on

    This is actually somewhat disappointing, in terms of labelling. I’ve found “Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil” sounds much better to the average consumer than “Sodium Olivate”. At least the first one specifically says (Olive) and has the words “fruit oil” so even if people haven’t heard of INCI they can usually puzzle it out and understand it’s olive oil. I preferred in-the-pot labelling for this reason.

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