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Hi Jess!


Amazing information! Thank you! Do you have to do all of this even under a certain dollar amount in sales? and how do you know what your percentages are?…last question, is there a place to find different recipes? Thank you so much!


And... how did you figure everything out?!?!?


Thank you so much! 





Hey Senem,

Of course it’s up to you how much you want to do in your business. (Please refer to this blog post for what she was mentioning). I think you might be referring to collecting GST/getting a GST number, which you only need to apply for once you are making $30k a year.

I explain how to calculate percentages in my CNF Help workbook more thoroughly, but you will need your recipe with the weights of all the ingredients, and then divide the weight of the ingredient by the total weight of the batch x 100%.

You can just do a Google search for the type of recipe you want to try (ie. cocoa butter, goat milk, charcoal, etc). Some of my favorites are lovinsoap.com, modernsoapmaking.com, and the Nerdy Farm Wife!

As for your other questions, I'm not familiar with Wix, but I think you can set that up as an Ecommerce platform, right? You should be able to list your products as well as host a blog on Wix. I've been using Shopify, which I really like. I would just Google search any specific Wix questions you had, or use their help section.
And it's been a lot of trial and error, and research, but I think I have figured a lot of stuff out now haha.
Thanks so much for sharing your questions!



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