Business Services

Do you need more help with starting your biz? 

    I've been through it all. In my last 2 years of business, I've created a soap business from scratch and grown it up. I know how to navigate the logistics and want to help you, too!

    The following are a list of the services I can provide to help support you on your journey!


    • Cosmetic Notification Forms •

    If you're ready to jump in and tackle these forms with confidence and clarity, check out our CNF101 online masterclass. We'll guide you step by step through the entire process with videos and screen recordings! Enrollment is open now and the course will launch July 2019!! Click here for details.


    • 1:1 call or Skype •

    Have specific questions? I have answers!

    Let's chat about what you need to get your business profitable, different ingredients, where to buy supplies, approaching wholesale, email marketing, Instagram or anything you're struggling with... I'm an open book! 


    • Shopify Store Setup or Support •

    I love Shopify! I've built 2 stores from scratch and love to experiment with design. If you want to move to the Shopify platform, or need to build a brand new storefront, I can help!

    Contact me to discuss the scope of the project and get a quote.


    • Freebie Library •

    Check out our library of free blog posts here.

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